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matter and spirit

The Marble. Noble and immortal; capable of becoming ethereal or majestic under the hands that work it. A few kilometers from the quarrying areas of Carrara, an artist gives new life and a new spirit to regenerated marble. An extraordinary, sustainable material that offers the same texture as the original, the same colour, including the immortal whiteness of Carrara marble, but respecting the mountain. It is a strong message, that of Allegra Santini: it speaks of ecology and attention to the recovery of materials. Above all, it speaks of a classicism that can be seen with new eyes, to interpret contemporary sensibility. Allegra Santini's work is feminine, ironic, elegant, disruptive. Just like Ovyé Playlist. Elegant and timeless shapes that come to life with a touch of unusual and bright colour. A noble soul that knows how to dress up with playfulness and lightness. The perfect balance between composure and the ability to amaze. Mirrors of the female soul, whether it's a Venus masked in gold or an elegant décolleté sporting a fuchsia-spotted python.

contemporary amazement

Soft marble waves that create flowing locks. Soft waves cut into the leather that give a new impetus to the shoe. The materials and the expressive possibilities change, but the stylistic features of elegance are handed down and are found again through materials and objects, until they become the imprint of Art. And then there's the iconoclastic spirit typical of pop culture: the one that spills gold paint on the motionless perfection of a classic bust. Yet, the same gesture is also the ultimate tribute. The gold paint is an acknowledgment of its value and prestige. It immerses the figure in a contemporaneity made up of the unexpected and movement, just like a refined buckle or a new weave on the upper that gives new strength to a sabot with an elegant shape.

ovyè playlist

allegra santini

Allegra Santini's family has been involved in the production of artistic statues since 1924. This is how her love for craftsmanship and beauty was born, refined during the years that led her to a degree in architecture. With her work she enhances the value of regenerated marble, enriched with a fresh and original look. Her is an imaginative world full of that healthy madness which is nothing but love for life. It is populated by wings ready to take flight, by hands that support, but showing off thanks to a coquettish lipstick, by Nike covered in improbable colors and vases carved in square shapes. Of kisses, because love is everywhere. Everything brings us back to today's world, even the freckles that remind us that Botticelli's Venus was, after all, a teenager who was starting a new life. To learn more about Allegra Santini's work, we refer you to her website and her social profiles. You will find it as Ally's Mind.

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