Ready Fashion

a constantly growing Brand

Once upon a time there was the old ready fashion: anonymous collections, devoid of originality, which sacrificed quality and character to obtain, in exchange, only speed.

Ovyé totally changes this paradigm and creates a new standard for ready fashion footwear. 

It takes courage to maintain an ever new stylistic code, when production must be continuous. It takes an excellent production organization to quickly change models and materials while always maintaining a very high quality level. It takes experience, passion, attention to every detail to win the trust of the many retailers who buy the Ovyé collections every day to offer them again to their customers.

With Ovyé it is possible to have new collections in your shop every week, ready to amaze and make you fall in love, supported by adequate investments in communication.

advantages of ovyè ready fashion

The Ovyé ready fashion shoe collections are born thanks to a production system that manages to best connect every single phase of the work, from the first design to the finishing touches. 

In our case, speed becomes synonymous with precision, efficiency, creative inspiration. From here comes a shoe perfectly suited to its time, ready to charm and amaze with its strong imprint.

The store that decides to offer Ovyé footwear to its customers can count on a reliable supplier, present on the market for many years, who has been able to grow and establish itself through high quality ready fashion both in products and in service. 

The commercial successes and investments in communication support the growth of the brand, to the benefit of our resellers.

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