SS 2022 Collection


spring summer 2022

ss 22 collection

the triumph of colour

A hymn to color: delicate, sparkling tones, floral inspirations that enrich the outfit with an explosive femininity. In the new Ovyé Spring-Summer 2022 collection, baby pinks, bright yellows, fuchsias and other trendy colors blossom for the next season. Because this will be the year of colour. Maybe it's because greater attention has spread to topics such as color harmony and the correct combination of shades, maybe because spring is predicting that it will visit us earlier than usual; or maybe it's just a desire for nature and to shine under the next sun. In any case, Ovyé will be your best ally to complete your outfits with perfect combinations, giving you the opportunity to choose between warm or cold, exuberant or classic shades. In the new collection, bold shades such as tangerine and acid green are combined with classic beige or pastel shades. The nude models are the ones that will accompany the most refined outfits, while the white, embellished with gold details, gives a classic elegance that can also be combined with casual clothing.

new lines for a new comfort

Let's leave aside the color and focus instead on the models that will establish themselves as trends for next season. We report many interesting news. For Ovyé, the moccasin in a summer version blends with the slingback and the heel, creating unprecedented effects; the laces wrap around the leg, slimming the figure, while the Friulian shoes (another must-have for next summer!) are covered in colour. Among the Ovyé proposals, then, Texans, wide and comfortable heels, squared toes or open toes cannot be missing. The Ovyé woman is a woman who loves a life that is always on the move and we want to be her allies, giving her the opportunity to never have to choose between being comfortable or being elegant.

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