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Over a century of history and an ambitious look at the future. Shoes designed for a strong, sensitive, feminine woman who loves to mix different styles and always feel in step with the latest trends. From a small establishment, today the company has transformed into a large reality, into a brand widespread in Italy and sold all over the world, which strengthens its position more and more every day. Ovyé has bet on quality productions, also through a strict selection of raw materials and producers, all rigorously Italian. It works to open new markets, new distribution channels, to increase the popularity of his brand through print media and the web. It is a solid company that aims to fly higher and higher, without ever forgetting the importance of lightness, of following dreams and opportunities. Ovyé is play, ambition, the ability to dream: a constantly evolving world, always in step with the present and looking towards the future.

the style

Ovyé speaks to a modern, trendy woman who wants to convey a strong image of herself. Its shoe models have always been quality products, which focus on attention to detail both in terms of aesthetics and workmanship. Over the years the style has naturally evolved and the catalog has greatly expanded. Important goals have been achieved for the Ovyé proposals… There is a very extensive catalogue, partly fixed for the season and partly renewed every week, thus combining the demands of fast fashion with those of programmed fashion. There is the new Ovyé Playlist selection, which brings together the highest-level proposals, designed for special occasions or for an even more demanding clientele. The Ovyé style never stops evolving.

the story

What at the beginning of the 20th century was a surname hanging over the entrance to a small factory is now the trademark of a company spread all over the world. Over time, the Lucchi family has continued to pour the love, passion and expertise that emerge from every single model into its business. He made the company more and more avant-garde, anticipating trends in Italian instant fashion. More than a hundred years have passed since Giovanni Lucchi made his first pair of shoes in Piumazzo, in the Modena area. The baton will then pass to his son Renzo Lucchi, and subsequently to his niece Cristina and her husband Rino Caruso. Under their guidance, the company strengthened, structured and began to expand. It is in these years, and thanks to their work, that the premises were created for the exceptional growth that the company will experience with the fourth generation: Annalisa and Luca Caruso, with his wife Anna di Somma. Today Ovyé, always led by the Lucchi family, continues to create magical models and collections, to grow, to transform itself in the organization to better respond to the needs of the new times.

the people

annalisa caruso

Born in 1978, even before finishing her economic studies she began collaborating in the family business. Her are many intuitions and the merit of a more aggressive communication strategy, aimed at bringing the whole company to a higher level. It is always she who chooses to invest in a strong brand: Ovyé by Cristina Lucchi (in homage to her mother). She is the visionary soul of the company.

luca caruso

Slightly younger than his sister Annalisa, he joined the company in 2005, more or less at the same time as his sister. From the beginning, he supports his parents in sales, and then soon becomes independent: he learns to deal with customers, with suppliers, to intervene in the choice and development of the samples to bring the instances and requests that are addressed to him every day by clientele. He is the commercial heart of the company.

anna di somma

Sometimes matters of the heart lead to unexpected turns in life. This is the case of Anna, a former classmate of Luca and his wife since 2011. Today she is in charge of the entire section dedicated to e-commerce, and with excellent results given the exponential growth of the channel! She is characterized by great customer care, a pleasant but decisive character, a great spirit of collaboration. She is the benchmark for online development.

the communication

The investment in communication is continuous and worthy of a brand that aims to expand its popularity.


Ovyé has been planning editorials, front pages, advertising issues in magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Amica, Elle, Marie Claire, Gioia and others for many years.


97,300 loyal followers on the official Instagram page and 34,000 on the Facebook page. The popularity on the social pages is also the result of previous work on the brand. The strategies for the near future envisage an ever-increasing commitment also on online channels.


We point out the recent presence on the catwalk of WHO'S NEXT IMPACT, Paris, ed. 2023, as part of the brand's expansion actions on international markets.


planned collections and ready fashion

Born as a Ready Fashion company, Ovyé has revolutionized it by setting a new standard of product quality and service efficiency. It takes courage to maintain an ever new stylistic code, when production must be continuous. It takes an excellent production organization to quickly change models and materials while always maintaining a very high quality level. It takes experience, passion, attention to every detail to win the trust of the many retailers who buy the Ovyé collections every day to offer them to their customers. The company has been able to implement all of this. Over the last year, the transition that made Ovyé a complete fashion brand took place: the creation of stable seasonal collections, which go alongside the weekly news of ready fashion. This dual production strategy makes it possible to respond to the needs of different types of customers: from large distributors to small shops looking for constant innovation.

the distribution

The Ovyé brand is currently present in 3,500 stores worldwide. In Italy, distribution is handled both directly by the Company and by agents and distributors operating in the individual regions. Abroad Ovyé products are resold through a large network of shops in Europe and around the world. Furthermore, the agreements recently entered into with new distributors in Spain, France, Greece and Cyprus are rapidly strengthening Ovyé's presence in these markets.

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