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Ovyé by Cristina Lucchi – Playlist collection Fall-Winter 2023-2024

Sculpture shoes, genuine works of art at the service of your beauty. Everything exudes absolute elegance, integrating trend-setting components and elevating them beyond convention.

ovyè playlist.

art for your beauty

Have you chosen the next vernissage to attend? Meanwhile, come and discover shoes that transform into true works of art, carefully designed to blend artisanal craftsmanship with daring creativity. The Playlist Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 collection is born to shine and make you shine; to dare, yet epitomizing absolute sophistication. These shoes embody genuine sculptures, dedicated to enhancing your beauty.


sculpted beauty

Let's start with the shapes. The new Playlist FW23-24 collection introduces shoes with classical proportions that convey a sense of grandeur, heightened by monochromatic surfaces that often radiate sheer elegance. They are as white as the purest marble or as dark as the metals often seen in contemporary art. The aspiration to create sculpture-like footwear is also evident in the distinctive heels: heels that play with balance and proportions, employing visually bold solutions to distribute weight. When they're not sculptures, the heels transform into refined stilettos: elegant supports that elevate the artwork and serve as its exquisite frame.


unique embellishments

Bows are never conventional bows here; instead, they are ribbons that twist and curl with sensuality and originality. They can be tucked, or flung backward to infuse movement and provide a novel perspective to the shoe's design. Jewels sparkle with preciousness, while buckles serve as aesthetic elements first, rather than being purely functional. In the realm of Perfect Elegance, there is no room for casual elements.

soft and luxurious uppers

Top-quality leathers and precious hues. The Playlist FW23-24 collection meticulously seeks the exact touch of color that can render a footwear piece unique and dazzling, while preserving its exquisite sense of glamour. These are colors that catch the eye without being ostentatious. Even the gold tones exude an air of sophistication, eluding overly bold and flashy shades. White and black shine with sheer brilliance.


shoes meant to leave a legacy

In essence, this collection features shoes that, while incorporating current trend elements, are poised to transcend time; embodiment of absolute elegance beyond fleeting fashion trends. Much like a timeless work of art.

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